Welcome To Alam Senang


CV. Alam Senang is a Bali based and human size full legal registered Indonesian Company
who designs, tests, produces and distributes organic products since 2009.

At that time we had to deal with a termite protection for our bamboo construction activity now an independent Company.  But we didn't accept any toxic treatment. In 2008 our first try was borax / boric acid solution that was satisfying our needs to protect wood, bamboos and constructions against termites.  But the need to heat, handle tons of borax and long process was not enough convenient in our opinion. Some ethical concerns were also were rising especially about the carbon cost inducted with importation of this borax / boric acid and also concern about the waste disposal.

Therefore we started a passionate, long and serious study listening and working with many professionals, university professors, chemists and pharmacists. Freemite as an organic termite treatment was born. Freemite 200+ is the V5 formula of this product 200 times concentrate. We had the chance to test Freemite on our production on a daily basis. Over the years this gave us a precious experience that lead to a professional and convenient treatment against termites, post powder beetles and wood worm. We comforted that results with official laboratory tests based on the Japan Industrial standard.

We learned a lot about plants and particularly neem seed oil which offer impressive qualities and properties and decided to distribute NeemO a pure and certified organic neem Oil. The best neem oil quality you can find in Indonesia: cosmetic grade, double filtered, cold pressed with Azadirachtin content guaranteed.
As we love what we do the creative work continues with Huzz an organic pesticide designed for all agriculture needs.

We are now enough confident on the quality and efficiency of our products so that we now develop the distribution network in Indonesia and export.  Be part of the spirit and enjoy our Eco-friendly style of performing business in a fair and professional way.

And by the way Alam Senang is a nearly 0 foot print carbon company.