Professional Products designed for the success of Professionals

Some advantages:   

  • Concentrate products easy to use and cheap to ship.
  • Dedicated customer and technical services                                     
  • Constant innovation in our laboratory

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Fair Business opportunities

Alam Senang is a Bali based and human size full legal registered Indonesian Company
who designs, tests, produces and distributes organic products since 2009.
We are now developing a selected distribution network through a range of channels.

Alam Senang offers distributors and Industries:

  • High range organic products only
  • a carefully designed distribution policy with pricings in the market
  • comfortable margin for distributors and attractive professional prices for industries
  • a reliable and available customer service
  • a free technical service to advice industries or customers
  • free online promotion of your business
  • long experience of the team in logistics, export, distribution.

Distribution in Indonesia and Asia

Alam Senang distributes all over Indonesia even remote places in Aceh or Papua
in 2 to 5 days through a 100% reliable logistic partner.
Few products but high business potentials.

Worldwide Distribution is technically possible however we focus on Asian markets.
Some or our products have already been exported to Australia, Philipines, Thailande, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Congo.
Through our reliable forwarder in Bali we have agreement with air cargo Cies like Singapore Airlines to ship fast and safe,

We will be delighted to share our experience on our products and our experience on their related markets.
Feel free
to explore together a development of your business.

Industry supply

We understand the needs of industries in term of efficiency, optimization of process and reliability of suppliers.
Alam Senang also offer free recommendations on implementation and production process
using our products.
If needed we will be keen to help as per the specificity of your production.

Markets opportunities for Freemite

Termites is a worldwide problem that has to be managed by many individuals and professionals.
Freemite is a unique organic termite treatment
designed to be convenient and efficient for all termite treatment needs.
Download the professional direction to use Freemite  (link to direction to use PDF).

  • STORE DISTRIBUTION in various types of outlets like supermarket, hardware and eco-friendly shops.
  • PEST CONTROL INDUSTRY : as a nontoxic treatment alternative to common toxic chemical products.
  • WOOD, BAMBOO AND RATTAN STYLE INDUSTRIES: Freemite is a convenient, effective and Eco-fiendly termite treatment against Powder Post Bettles and Wood worms.
  • HOTEL INDUSTRY as a maintenance product

Markets opportunities for NeemO

Neem Oil is a multifunction powerful natural ingredient to use in Cosmetic, wellbeing, health and agriculture.
It is used pure, mixed with water using an emulsifier/ an eco-friendly detergent or mixed with oils or essential oils.
Neem Oil is now generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).

NeemO is a cosmetic grade certified organic seed neem oli, doubled filtered and cold pressed.
NeemO contents a minimal guarantied 1500 ppm of Azadirachtin A the main active ingredient of neem oil.

  • STORE DISTRIBUTION : in various type of outlets include supermarket, cosmetic, hairdressers, garden or pet shops.
  • COSMETIC AND WELLBEING INDUSTRY as a component of formulas
  • AGRICULTURE as an organic pesticide and parasite regulator
  • HOTEL INDUSTRY as a maintenance product

How to become a distributor

Understanding your business and a first order of minimum 1 000 000 Rp are the only conditions we ask to become an official distributor of Alam Senang products.
We offer FREE SHIPPING in Java, Bali and Lombok for any orders more than 3 000 000 Rp!
And we’ll start to promote your Company online.

Our goal is to settle a quality and fair distribution network.
If those value sounds good to you let’s start to work together.
We will work hard to satisfy your professional needs on a long range.

Contact us for any further information.

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